Executive and management coaching

Executive or management coaching is a powerful means of improving the performance of both individuals and organisations. The process increases engagement, morale and confidence, which improve performance and therefore profitabilty. It sometimes forms part of a Talent Management programme and is offered to high potential individuals. However, coaching can also be extremely beneficial to middle managers, who have a significant ability to affect the performance, engagement and morale of their teams. The areas where this kind of coaching is most effective are:


Leadership development

Covering all aspects of successful leadership behaviour, including specific development for women leaders.


Communication skills

To develop clear effective communication with others, both verbal and written, for example, helping a technical expert develop better interpersonal skills with team members and clients.


Personal perception

Helping indiviuals gain an understanding of their personal impact, through self awareness, 360°/180° feedback, including factors such as manner, facial expression, appearance, posture and tone of voice.


Targeted behavioural aspects

To change specific unhelpful behaviours, attitudes or habits.



Performance improvement

Helping individuals perform their roles more effectively by considering the competencies required for a specific role and addressing any gaps, for example improving team management, delegation, organisational skills, time management and presentation skills.



Board Development

Improving board effectiveness, both at an individual level and collectively, improving strategic thinking, decision making and performance.



Change management

To support key employees through changes following re-organisation, merger or acquisition, helping re-align managers with new organisational objectives


Succession coaching

Preparation for promotion to director level, for example, enabling individuals to command greater respect among peers and superiors, or develop a more strategic perspective.



Career transition

Preparation for forthcoming retirement, redundancy or release.


Small business (SME) coaching

Pink Zebra coaches are able to help founders/owners of new or small businesses to survive, grow and perform successfully.


Many of the Executive coaching skills are relevant but there are unique challenges faced by small businesses that coaching can help address, particularly in the challenging economic climates.



Coaching may include:



* Market positioning


* Business vision and communication

* SWOT analysis of both the business and the key individuals

* Customer perception and satisfaction

* Simple and effective procedures

* Employee engagement and motivation

* Developing a business plan and strategy

* Developing clear goals and methods of achieving them

* Solutions focussed decision making

* Strong financial management




Personal/Life Coaching

Personal or life coaching is distinct from business coaching in that it focuses entirely on the individual and it not related to organisational goals or outcomes. Typical areas covered are work/life balance, career development, stress management, career change, redundancy, life change management, decision making, personal development and the achievement of short term or longer term goals. All Pink Zebra coaches are able to offer this service.



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